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I have been quite impressed with the performance of the DICOMetrix product. You can't pry my hands from it. So far I have it installed on many Radiologist workstations, and my all my PACS DICOM servers.  The simple fact that the application works without increasing the work the system is already doing speaks volumes.  The DICOMetrix application has easily replaced my two primary network tools (Microsoft Performance Monitor, and Ethereal) for the daily and long term monitoring of the PACS network health and speed. 

  Swedish Medical Center’s PACS network consists of approximately 150 machines in the LAN that is connected to the HCA LAN for the rest of the Medical Center and Craig Hospital.  There is also a WAN link to our newly opened Southwest Emergency Department in Littleton.  The DICOMetrix product has saved me many! hours of calculating transfer times using Ethereal or the PACS application logs.  With a click of a tab I can see the real time network and image transfer rates throughout the day.  DICOMetrix provided critical real-time data that lead to the upgrade of the WAN link between our facilities and continues to provide crucial information with no load on the server or me, the PACS administrator.

 I have installed the DICOMetrix application in my production PACS environment to establish baseline performance benchmarks to quantify the upgrades that we are planning and show the speed increases after the upgardes we have realized. No other software can do this!.  The ease of this application’s use and it's uncanny ability to ake the complex so simple and so accurate is the key to my decision to use DICOMetrix for this task.

I estimate a savings of 75%+.  On average it used to take me up to 1 hour with ethereal, Fuji logs, eFilm, Microsoft Access™, a stopwatch, and a calculator to determine network transfer times in kbps.  Now, with DICOMetrix, the process is literally a matter of minutes and certainly more proactive.  With the use of DICOMetrix and a few basic networking tools (ping, pathping, tracert) the manual calculations are removed, the emotion is replaced with quantified data that is repeatable, and results are achieved.

  The transfer rate of images to the Radiologist workstation translates directly to their reading efficiency.  DICOMetrix is the perfect background application since it always runs quietly in the background. It can even be set up to disappear for those rads whom need a pristine desktop free of anything but thier programs they absolutelty need to work with. You know the type. 

I am looking forward to continuing the using of new DICOMetrix configurations at Swedish Medical Center.  This product definitely meets a need that all PACS administrators have been talking about for years yet has never been addressed before. 

My process was highly manual and subject to error.  Now I use DICOMetrix to actively monitor the PACS network from any location.

Thank you for quantifying PACS network transfers and making live monitoring so easy and in such a convenient package!. 

Brian T. Phillips
PACS Administrator
Swedish Medical Center

DICOMetrics has been, and will continue to be (from my perspective) an invaluable tool to track and document data throughput  and possible performance degradation (or not) as we move through our data migration.  We use it on our Centricity CA Workstations and the GE EA & Image Vault Servers everyday.  It has also proved itself invaluable in helping us troubleshoot some ongoing performance issues we have had.  It has given us the ability to see what is going on ‘live’ in real time and vastly shorten our troubleshooting time restoring performance to our system and as a result it clearly is having a positive impact on our patient care as the system is now faster.  At first, we were concerned with compatibility issues but our GE software has no problem with DICOMetrix running on the server and workstations.  I am learning so much more about my PACS everyday now I can see it!.  DICOMetrics has also allowed me to easily identify incorrect routing rules on several of our workstations. I noticed unexpected activity and investigated at the workstations.  I was able to correct the rules, thereby reducing un-needed network traffic on that subnet. Great Software!

Gregg Helser, RN 
Cardiology Systems Administrator
ELMC Heart Center

Spectra Link 303-403­-3647

Exempla Healthcare
Wheat Ridge, CO

The product looks great - very well thought out and I think it will be quite useful.

Dr. Matt Fleishman
RIA - Radiologist

There were too many times where we received calls from our Medical Imaging community complaining of latency – until now, there was not much we could do short of call in the vendor and guess at how it “should” be functioning.

Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs
Director,IST Patient Support Systems
Exempla Healthcare
(303) 403-7850

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