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DICOMetrix Client Verison - 3.5

†Our core and very first product. Robust and useful user programmable features make this the perfect solution to monitoring your PACS systems traffic leaving your modalities and arriving at your Radiologist and all other PACS workstations. A stand-alone PACS system periphery monitoring software. The DICOMetrix client is designed for monitoring PACS Network and DICOM data traffic on any Modality or PACS workstation using the popular Windows OS.† Easy to read and understand using gauges and real-time graphing features capable of monitoring live real-time averages ranging from the last minute to the last year of† PACS traffic on any Modality or workstation. This is the cornerstone in our overall product line for total real-time PACS system monitoring.† Special design efforts were made to produce an outstanding product that has very low impact to the host CPU usage and near-zero temporal delays on the measured images traffic. It is part of your PACS system slowdown identification solution, not part of the problem.

5,10 and 25 Channel DICOMetrix Server Version - 3.5

† The next generation in the DICOMetrix Product line. The DICOMetrix Server platform is designed to monitor all DICOM formatted incoming or out going data from any DICOM Server in your organization.† Available in 5, 10 and 25 or custom Channel versions, the DICOMetrix Server system is not only capable of monitoring all incoming Modality DICOM traffic on your imaging servers but can also be hosted on any Modality running Windows OS including Vitrea, and Cadstream or other image processing workstations including the GE CA Centricity Workstations. † Using a network tap, or by using network port spanning and running promiscously on a Windows workstation, DICOMetrix can also monitor Linux based servers. Core to the entire DICOMetrix product line is itís very low impact to the host CPU and near-zero temporal delays on the measured images traffic.

DICOMetrix Enterprise Server (Web DES) Version - 3.0

Our flagship product! The brains behind the entire DICOMetrix analysis system. Meant to perform on itís own standalone server that you provide, the Web DES's database system collects the real-time data sent from all of your DICOMetrix clients and servers in your enterprise and displays the data for both live Traffic reports and past or current trend analysis. An excellent tool for working with your vendors to ensure you get the speeds you deserve and pay for. The DES is accessed by Web page anywhere in your enterprise, even at home if you wish. Web DES Incorporates an advanced Early-Warning System alerting you to when when any component in your entire PACS organization slows down below thresholds that you set, it will immediately email an alert your choices of staff in your organization. No longer will slowdowns at any one point in your organizationís Radiology Image delivery chain remain undetected and cause unseen delays causing patient care or safety issues.†From the Web DES, you can see all image flow in your PACS system and as a result it will empower you to ensure all your PACS users have consistent and hi-performence patient image flow from the Modality to the user workstation. DICOMetrix provides the visibility into your PACS system, enabling you to attack the issues behind the slowdown before your Radiology staff or user community notices. Image delivery delays cause undetected, measurable and real delays to your facilites workflow costing you in hidden overtime, degrading the patients experience by increasing your patients' wait times, and when left untreated, slowly eat away at your hard earned reputation in your Healthcare community. Dicometrix Web DES clearly helps you monitor and Pro-actively manage your PACs system's efficiency. You will find that this software is a must have !

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DICOMetrix Client 3.5


5 Channel DICOMetrix Server 3.0
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10 Channel DICOMetrix Server 3.5

25 Channel DICOMetrix Server 3.5

DICOMetrix Enterprise Web-Server
(Web-DES) 3.0



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