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 DICOMetrix Client 3.5 is now


 DICOMetrix Server Analysis

   Platform 3.5 is now available

DICOMetrix  is a complete solution for analyzing and

monitoring Radiology, Cardiology, PET  / CT,
Teleradiology any DICOM based images delivery system
made by any manufacturer.

Try the Client or Server version out for 60 days

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          There were too  many times where we
          received calls from our Medical Imaging
          community complaining of latency
          – until DICOMetrix was installed, while I 
           was with Exempla, there was not much
           we could do short of call in the vendor
           and we all would guess at how it “should”
            be functioning. After we installed it,
            we could see everything.
    Tamara Havenhill-Jacobs,
    Director, Patient Care Support Systems Children's Hospital, Denver CO
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Dicometrix is among Aunt Minnies 2006 Best New Radiology software candidates


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