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DICOMetrix was invented and founded by Michael Lunsford - a practicing IT based PACS Administrator in a Multi-Hospital System with over 15 years of combined IT PACS Administration, PACS network design and Nuclear Med, MR and CT Field Engineering experience with companies such as Siemens, Picker and Park Medical.

DICOMetrix- is a Colorado based company comprised of a unique and talented team of seasoned and brilliant software developers, a visionary PACS savvy Doctor, and an industry leader in the sales and distribution of Medical Grade LCD display systems.

DICOMetrix- is a complete Vendor agnostic solution for analyzing and monitoring Radiology, Cardiology, PET / CT, Teleradiology - any DICOM based images delivery system made by any manufacturer.

DICOMetrix- was designed from the ground up to provide a fluid and multi-faceted tool platform that brings Radiology and IT staff together symbiotically by monitoring and displaying DICOM images traffic in a universally understood metric – Images Per Second and Image per Minute  while also displaying standard network units of Kilo-Bytes per second .

DICOMetrix- is driven to provide Medical Imaging and IT support users a universally accepted, powerful, easy to use, low impact, systems monitoring, analysis and problem alerting system.

DICOMetrix- offers all users of DICOM based imaging the only comprehensive solution to understanding and monitoring PACS, Cardiology, PET /CT and other DICOM image data flow leading to easier problem resolution in all Medical Imaging realms.

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